by Jay Sherman-Godfrey

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An Able Mobile Production.

Jeremy Chatzky - bass
Chris Erikson - guitars
Phoebe Summersquash - drums, vocals
Jay Sherman-Godfrey - vocals, guitars, keyboards, harmonica
Jon Graboff - pedal steel guitar
Kieran Kelly - drums on West of Here

Recorded by JSG at The Buddy Project, Bonnie Sherman's, The Jonarosa, and Able Mobile HQ. West of Here recorded by Michael Trepagnier at The Buddy Project and Tony Maimone at Studio G. Mixed by Tony at Studio G. Mastered by Dave McNair/Unity Mastering.

Design by Mark Paul

Cheers to the band, Kieran, Tony, Fontaine for Phoebe, Jon, JT and LC, and Jason. Someone like you is dedicated to Cheri Knight.

All songs by Jay Sherman-Godfrey © Kalamakeepsie Music, BMI (admin. by BUG) except Girl Don't Tell Me by Brian Wilson © Irving Music, BMI.

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released June 1, 2006



all rights reserved


Able Mobile Recording Lab New York, New York

Since 1996, Able Mobile Recording Lab has been guitarist/producer/songwriter Jay Sherman-Godfrey’s ad hoc studio, capturing human, wood, wire and tube powered performances in lofts, bedrooms, kitchens, gymnasiums, barns -- anywhere with a plug, like-minded musicians, and favorable ambiance. Since 2008, AMRL has shared space in Greenpoint, Brooklyn with Joe McGinty’s Carousel Keyboard Studio. ... more

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Track Name: Bad Party
"Bad Party" by Jay Sherman-Godfrey
(c) 2006 Kalamakeepsie Music, BMI (admin. by BUG)

Why am I here?
What have I done?
Why did I think
This would be fun?
An old mistake
I never learn
Stuck here without you
Thinking about you

I came too soon
I stayed too long
I know I Should leave
But I can't o home
I look around
My friends are gone
Stuck here without you
Thinking about you

Time will tell if we make it or not
Time makes no judgements
Time is indifferent

I find a chair
The TV's on
I watch the party
Come undone
I'll sit awhile
Then I'll move on
Stuck here without you
Thinking about you
Track Name: Silver Shoes
There were you
In your silver shoes
Making up the rules
The king and the fool
There was I
Shuffling behind
Making up my mind
Just trying to be cool

You always seemed like you belonged there
Or should I say
You just belonged because you were there
I stumble in a part of you shadow
Content to lay low in the glow

There we were
Trying to make a stir
You had all the nerve and all the charm
I never could muster
I watched you work
Watched you turn it on
We had so much fun
We never knew the meaning of over
Say goodnight and walk into the sun

You always knew that you belonged there
You made me feel like I belonged to
Gone 20 years
Still holding your coattails
Man I'm glad that I met you
And you silver shoes
Track Name: Someone Like You
It's been a long time since I've been
Out there on the scene, oh
Things haven't changed so much
Since we were young and green, no

So good to see you
Shining brightly like before
And if I ever belonged here I surely
Do not anymore
With someone like you

Never believed in magic
Put my faith in slight of hand
To me there is no mystery
Just a few chords and a band

I watch them watch you
I see them lose themselves
But I can see you like they do
It's too late for that

Someone like you
Can reach out to on heart from the stage afar
Strange but not a stranger
Beautiful, free
Undoubtedly a star
Someone like you
Track Name: West of Here
She's halfway gone
Somewhere west of here
Into the sunset
Going fast I fear
She didn't mention any particular destination
She made her getaway
Somewhere west of here

She's on her own now
Somewhere west of here
In one of a million places
She might disappear
She didn't even think to stop and say goodbye
She's on a one way ticket
Somewhere west of here

You think you've got it figured out
But you forget what it's about
Living on an island can turn you upside down
She's found a better place
Somewhere west of here

She's halfway gone
Somewhere west of here
Into the sunset
going fast I fear
She never learned to love the life she led
Now left behind
She's making new friends now
Somewhere west of here
I know she's out the somewhere 'cus
It's all west of here
Track Name: Twoscore
Open up your sleepy eyes
This day will pass you by
And you'll sure regret it
It still feels good to be alive
To a life half lived, goodbye
Trying hard to forget

Things you were given you didn't take
Promises made that you couldn't keep
Things you should have said
But you didn't say
And the other way around

It's easy to say you were blind
Afraid the wake you've left behind
Will disturb still waters
Straight line
You ran away so far so fast
To find the long and crooked path
Leads back to where you started

Making your peace with that reckless kid
Feeling less sure than you ever did
A life in your hands
Finally understand that there's no turning back

That some things were meant to last
That you can't make your second chance
You just take it
Track Name: Hell Gate
Never was a strong swimmer
But somehow I stayed afloat
Waiting for a wave to pick me up
Found myself on this island
Between the river and the sea
The mainland's just a memory

In the shadow of the old arch bridge
Watching the tugs fight the tide
Just a stone's throw from the other side
But it might as well be a million miles

Welcome to your island
There's no strangers here
Everyone knows how it feels
Where the rhythms of the ocean
Cross the rhythms of the day
The months and the years drift away

Rolling over the old arch bridge
Concrete and steel time machine
Keeps up safe from the treacherous tides
But no bridge, even perfect
Can heal this divide

Never was a strong swimmer
Now I stick to the shore
Can't trust the waves anymore